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Talking in Class


Encouraging Class Discussion and Promoting Learning Performance through Facebook


  • Norasyikin Abdul Malik
  • Puteri Rohani Megat Abdul Rahim

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International Journal of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, Vol. 3, No. 4, 2019


The research explores the impact of using Facebook to enhance class discussions and learning performance among second language (L2) learners. It addresses the challenge L2 learners face in confidently using the English language due to apprehension and passive participation in class discussions.


  • Participants: Three classes of diploma students randomly selected.
  • Tools: Observation, pre-test, and post-test assessments; Facebook for assigning reading materials.
  • Approach: Students were encouraged to interpret and share their thoughts on reading materials through Facebook, aiming to foster a more engaging and participatory learning environment.


  • Engagement: Students showed increased involvement in discussions both online (via Facebook) and in the classroom.
  • Classroom Participation: Despite increased engagement online, classroom participation remained limited, with students often providing short responses or remaining silent.
  • Facebook Participation: Participants were more expressive and detailed in their responses, demonstrating better organization and coherence in their thoughts.


Integrating social media platforms like Facebook into educational strategies can significantly enhance participation and confidence among L2 learners. This method provides an alternative avenue for students to engage in language use, potentially leading to better learning outcomes and language proficiency.