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Summary of "Educating Schoolchildren to Avoid Human Trafficking"


"Educating Schoolchildren to Avoid Human Trafficking" is a draft resolution focusing on the critical issue of human trafficking, specifically targeting the education of schoolchildren as a preventive measure. The principal sponsor of this resolution is Mr. Christopher Smith from the United States of America.

Key Points

  1. Historical Context: The document recalls various resolutions and action plans adopted by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and other international bodies aimed at combating human trafficking.

  2. Alarming Statistics: It highlights the worldwide prevalence of trafficking, including labor, sex, and state-imposed trafficking, with children accounting for a significant portion of the victims.

  3. Child Vulnerability: The resolution notes that children of all socio-economic statuses can be susceptible to trafficking due to factors like lack of awareness, previous abuse, poverty, and more.

  4. Misuse of Technology: There is a growing concern about traffickers using internet communication technologies to exploit children, often through grooming and other deceptive practices.

  5. Lack of Preparedness: Many children are unprepared for traffickers' tactics, including blackmail, abuse, and false promises. The resolution also points out that children often do not seek help due to fear or lack of understanding.

  6. Role of Education: Non-governmental organizations have developed school courses to educate students on avoiding trafficking traps and to help teachers identify and support students at risk.

  7. Proposed Actions: The resolution calls for:

    • Early education of students to avoid trafficking.
    • Assessment of trafficking victim demographics.
    • Integration of trafficking prevention in school curricula.
    • Education of teachers and guidance counselors.
    • Collaboration among various stakeholders for prevention education.
    • Attention to preventing online high-risk behaviors.


The draft resolution "Educating Schoolchildren to Avoid Human Trafficking" emphasizes the critical role of education in combating human trafficking. It proposes a comprehensive approach involving various stakeholders to address this global issue, with a strong focus on protecting children through awareness and preparedness.