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Divergent is a riveting dystopian novel set in a future version of Chicago where society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue. The story follows Beatrice "Tris" Prior as she navigates the challenges of her society, including her faction choice, which forces her to decide between staying with her family or being true to herself.

Key Themes

  1. Identity and Choice: Tris's journey is a profound exploration of self-discovery and the difficult choices one must make to forge their own identity.
  2. Bravery and Sacrifice: The novel examines the nature of bravery and the sacrifices required to stand up for one's beliefs in the face of oppressive systems.
  3. Dystopian Society and Governance: Roth presents a critique of societal structures that seek to categorize and control individuals, highlighting the dangers of a rigidly divided society.

Plot Overview

The narrative begins with Beatrice Prior's dilemma during the Choosing Ceremony, where individuals select the faction they will join for life. Beatrice's decision to leave her family's faction, Abnegation (selflessness), for Dauntless (bravery), sets her on a tumultuous path of self-discovery and danger. As she undergoes the rigorous initiation process, Tris uncovers her Divergence—traits of multiple factions within her—making her a target in her society.

Her journey is complicated by her relationships, especially with her instructor, Four, and the growing tensions between factions that threaten to erupt into open conflict. Tris must navigate these challenges while hiding her Divergent identity, which could lead to her death if discovered.


  • Beatrice "Tris" Prior: The protagonist, whose journey from a sheltered life in Abnegation to a fearless Dauntless member frames the novel.
  • Four/Tobias Eaton: Tris's instructor and love interest, who has his own complex history with Divergence.
  • Jeanine Matthews: The antagonist, leader of the Erudite faction, who seeks to eliminate Divergents and control society through manipulation and power.


Divergent is not just a story about a dystopian society; it's a narrative that challenges readers to think about the complexities of identity, the meaning of courage, and the importance of standing up for one's beliefs. Veronica Roth's creation is a compelling blend of action, romance, and social commentary, making it a standout novel in the young adult dystopian genre.