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Comanche Moon

    Comanche Moon

Comanche Moon: A Summary

About the Book

Comanche Moon, the second installment in Larry McMurtry's acclaimed Lonesome Dove series, delves into the lives of Texas Rangers August McCrae and Woodrow F. Call as they navigate the challenges of adulthood and the untamed frontier. Set against the backdrop of the American West, the novel explores themes of love, loyalty, and the inevitable change brought by time and history.

Main Characters

  • August McCrae - A Texas Ranger battling the complexities of love and duty.
  • Woodrow F. Call - McCrae's partner, equally dedicated to the ranger life, yet struggling with his personal attachments.
  • Buffalo Hump - A formidable Comanche war chief, representing the resistance of Native American tribes against encroaching settlers.
  • Kicking Wolf - A celebrated Comanche horse thief, adding depth to the portrayal of Native American culture.


The novel intricately weaves the personal with the historical, highlighting the emotional landscapes of its characters against the harsh realities of frontier life. It touches on the dualities of love and duty, the past and progress, and the complexities of human nature in the face of relentless change.


Comanche Moon stands as a testament to McMurtry's storytelling prowess, offering a nuanced exploration of the American West. It serves as both a continuation and a deepening of the epic saga started in Lonesome Dove, compelling readers to reflect on the enduring spirit of adventure and the inexorable march of time.