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Blood Promise


Blood Promise Summary

This summary presents an overview of "Blood Promise," focusing on the key themes of loyalty, love, and the consequences of difficult choices within a supernatural context.


"Blood Promise" is a tale woven around the life of Rose Hathaway, whose existence is irrevocably changed following a devastating attack on St. Vladimir's, shaking the Moroi world to its core. Many are dead, and for the few victims taken by the Strigoi, their fate is even grimmer. Rose bears a strange tattoo signaling her kills of too many Strigoi to count, but only one victim truly haunts her—Dimitri Belikov.

Faced with a pivotal decision, Rose must choose between two distinct paths: honoring her promise to protect the life of her best friend, Lissa—the last survivor of the Dragomir line—or abandoning the Academy to pursue the man she loves on a solitary and perilous journey to the ends of the earth.


  • Loyalty and Sacrifice: The novel explores the depths of loyalty and the sacrifices required to uphold it, especially in the face of personal desires and love.
  • Love and Loss: The intense love story of Rose and Dimitri underscores the narrative, highlighting the pain of loss and the lengths one will go to reclaim what was lost.
  • Choices and Consequences: "Blood Promise" delves into the impact of choices, showcasing how decisions can lead to unforeseen paths and consequences, shaping one's destiny.


"Blood Promise" is a gripping story of supernatural challenges, emotional depth, and the eternal battle between duty and heart's desire. It underscores the importance of loyalty, the power of love, and the inevitable consequences of the choices we make.