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Beautiful Darkness


Beautiful Darkness (Beautiful Creatures #2) Summary

"Beautiful Darkness" is the second book in the "Beautiful Creatures" series, written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The story continues to follow Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes, two teenagers living in the fictional town of Gatlin, South Carolina. After the dramatic events of the first book, "Beautiful Creatures," Lena is grappling with the consequences of her choices and the loss of a loved one. Ethan, on the other hand, finds himself more entwined in the supernatural world of Casters and struggling to maintain his relationship with Lena.

Main Themes

  • Love and Sacrifice: The relationship between Ethan and Lena is tested as they navigate the complexities of their love amidst the supernatural challenges they face.
  • Identity and Choice: Lena's journey focuses on her struggle with her identity as a Caster and the choices she must make about her powers and future.
  • Darkness Within: The novel explores the concept of inner darkness and the struggle characters face with their personal demons and darker desires.

Plot Overview

The novel opens with Ethan noticing changes in Lena, who becomes distant and secretive following her uncle Macon's death. As Lena pulls away, Ethan discovers a hidden side of the Caster world and learns about the existence of different Caster paths and powers.

Lena starts to drift towards the darker aspects of her Caster heritage, influenced by her grief and the manipulative Ridley and Sarafine. Meanwhile, Ethan uncovers secrets about his own family and his connection to the Caster world, with the help of his friends Link and Liv, a British Caster-in-training.

As the Great Barrier weakens, Ethan and Lena must confront a dangerous new foe, Abraham, who seeks to control the Caster and Mortal worlds. The climax brings a battle that tests the bonds of love, friendship, and family, forcing Lena to make a choice that will determine her true nature and the fate of Gatlin.


  • Ethan Wate: The protagonist, a mortal who is deeply in love with Lena and finds himself drawn into the Caster world.
  • Lena Duchannes: A Caster struggling with her dark and light sides, her choices have significant repercussions on the Caster and Mortal worlds.
  • Ridley Duchannes: Lena's cousin, a Siren who plays a more complex role, showing moments of vulnerability and conflict.
  • Link: Ethan's best friend, who undergoes a significant transformation and becomes more involved in the supernatural events.
  • Liv: A British Caster-in-training, who becomes a close ally and complicates the dynamics between Ethan and Lena.


"Beautiful Darkness" delves deeper into the lore of the Caster world, exploring themes of love, identity, and sacrifice. It sets the stage for further developments in the series, leaving readers anticipating the next challenges Ethan, Lena, and their friends will face in their fight against darkness.