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HM Treasury Autumn Statement


Summary of "Autumn 2013"

Key Highlights

  • Demand Management and Response: Discusses the role of demand management in reducing electricity costs and enhancing bottom lines, emphasizing load shifting and behavioral changes for energy efficiency.

  • Avoiding Stupidity in Business: Highlights the importance of smart decision-making in business, using examples from sports and banking to illustrate how avoiding dumb mistakes is as crucial as being intelligent.

  • World Workplace Event Insights: Provides an overview of the World Workplace event in Philadelphia, focusing on keynote speeches, discussions on facility management trends, and networking opportunities.

  • Personal Branding and Professional Growth: Examines the impact of personal branding on professional development, with insights from Kaplan Morbray's keynote on building a strong personal brand.

  • Workplace Evolutionaries Group: Introduces the Workplace Evolutionaries group, dedicated to innovating and evolving workplace strategies to enhance collaboration, productivity, and the overall workplace experience.


The document offers comprehensive insights into facility management, emphasizing continuous adaptation, strategic decision-making, and the importance of innovative approaches in the evolving field of facility management.