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Proceedings of the American Fisheries Society


Fall 2016 - American Fisheries Society Fish Culture Section


This edition of the Fish Culture Section newsletter includes updates, research findings, and insights into fish culture, highlighting the society's ongoing efforts and upcoming events.


Fish Culture Corner

  • Insights and updates on best practices in fish culture.

Freshwater Mussel Culture

  • Discussion on techniques, challenges, and research related to freshwater mussel culture.

Fish Health Tips

  • Advice on maintaining fish health, including disease prevention and treatment strategies.

Upcoming Events

  • A list of conferences, meetings, and workshops relevant to members interested in fish culture and aquaculture.

Unlock Your Inner Fish Nerd

  • Engaging content for enthusiasts and professionals passionate about ichthyology and fish culture.
  • News, articles, and resources related to aquaculture, including advancements and discoveries in the field.

President's Message

  • Carl Kittel, the current president, shares updates on the section's activities, including a successful meeting in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Highlights the Fish Culture Section's significant presence at the AFS Annual Meeting and details about a business meeting that was well-attended, discussing student travel awards and the fiscal year budget.

This document serves as a comprehensive update for members of the Fish Culture Section, providing valuable information and fostering a sense of community among fish culture professionals.