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All the Missing Girls


All The Missing Girls: A Novel


"All The Missing Girls" is a gripping thriller by Megan Miranda that takes readers on a suspenseful journey with its reverse chronological narrative. This novel stands out for its intricate plot and the unique way it challenges readers to piece together the story from the ending back to the beginning, offering a fresh perspective on the mystery genre.

Key Themes

  1. The Complexity of Human Relationships: At its core, the novel explores the intricate dynamics of friendships and familial ties, and how past secrets can disrupt the present.
  2. The Impact of the Past on the Present: The reverse storytelling emphasizes how the past continuously shapes our current lives and decisions.
  3. Mystery and Suspense: Miranda masterfully crafts a mystery that keeps readers guessing, with twists and turns that unfold in reverse order.

Critical Acclaim

  • Elle Magazine: Highlighted as a "page-turner" that tests readers' attention and analytical skills due to its reverse chronological structure.
  • Intricate Plotting: The novel has been praised for its carefully constructed plot, where each revelation is meticulously placed, demanding the reader's full engagement.


"All The Missing Girls" is a must-read for thriller enthusiasts looking for a novel that offers more than just suspense. Megan Miranda delivers a thought-provoking story that not only entertains but also invites readers to reflect on the nature of time, memory, and how we understand the truth. Its innovative structure and compelling storytelling make it a standout novel in the thriller genre.