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How to Write a Synopsis



"Pet Sematary" begins with an eerie atmosphere, underscored by the sounds of crickets in high grass, setting the tone for a story that delves into themes of memory, loss, and the supernatural. The screenplay meticulously describes a series of grave markers in an animal graveyard, each bearing inscriptions that reflect the love and memories of the pets' owners. These markers, ranging from a simple plywood cross for "Smucky" to a chunk of warped crating for "Biffer," introduce the viewer to a world where the boundary between life and death is both celebrated and mourned.

The Pet Sematary itself is portrayed as a well-populated resting place for animals, surrounded by forest pines and arranged in rough concentric circles. The entrance is marked by a crude arch, ominously labeled "PET SEMATARY," inviting those who pass through to a place where the natural and the supernatural intertwine. The screenplay's detailed scene descriptions and camera directions further immerse the viewer in the setting, creating a palpable sense of place that is at once inviting and foreboding.

As the story unfolds, the camera's movement towards a deadfall at the back of the graveyard hints at hidden depths and secrets lying beyond the initial serene yet somber setting. The screenplay suggests a lurking presence, a snarling face within the branches, leaving the audience to wonder about the real nature of the Pet Sematary and the stories it holds.


  • Memory and Loss: The individual grave markers highlight the personal memories and the sense of loss felt by the pet owners, serving as a poignant reminder of the impact of death on the living.
  • The Supernatural: The eerie setting and the mysterious deadfall suggest a supernatural element at play, challenging the viewer's perception of reality and the natural order.
  • Boundaries Between Life and Death: The Pet Sematary, with its crude markers and concentric circles, symbolizes the thin line between life and death, and the possibility of crossing that line.

"Pet Sematary" sets the stage for a deep exploration of these themes, using the setting and visual storytelling to engage the viewer in a narrative that is both deeply personal and universally resonant.