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A Promised Land


Arakan: A Promised Land


"Arakan: A Promised Land" by Dr. A. S. Nayaka offers a profound exploration of Arakan, a region celebrated for embodying Buddha's teachings through its moral codes, tranquility, love, compassion, and wisdom. Arakan's history as a patron of Buddhism spans over two millennia, establishing it as a sovereign state rich in religion, a nursery for art, and a stronghold for Buddhism.

Historical and Cultural Significance

  • Ancient Sovereignty: Arakan was a sovereign nation, with its own distinct identity and governance, deeply influenced by Buddhist principles.
  • Buddhist Patronage: The region's devotion to Buddhism is evident through its myriad ancient pagodas and the vast archaeological treasures that dot the landscape, symbolizing its religious fervor and historical depth.

Contributions to Art and Archaeology

  • Architectural Marvels: The numerous ancient pagodas serve not just as places of worship but also as testaments to Arakan's advanced architectural prowess and artistic heritage.
  • Archaeological Significance: The extensive ruins scattered across Arakan offer invaluable insights into the region's past, showcasing its role as a center for Buddhism and its cultural zenith.


Dr. Nayaka's work sheds light on Arakan's rich tapestry of history, religion, and art. It highlights how the region has preserved its spiritual legacy and contributed significantly to the cultural and religious landscape of the area. The emphasis on moral values and wisdom from Buddha's teachings underscores the timeless relevance of Arakan's heritage.


Arakan stands out as a promised land where the principles of Buddhism have flourished, nurturing a civilization that values peace, compassion, and artistic expression. Through "Arakan: A Promised Land," readers gain an in-depth understanding of this unique region's historical, cultural, and religious significance, making it a valuable contribution to the study of Buddhist societies and their legacies.