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A Game of Chance

    A Game of Chance
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A Game of Chance



"A Game of Chance" is a captivating story set against the backdrop of an annual village fair during Eid celebrations. Unlike the one-day Eid celebration, the fair extends over several days, attracting tradesmen from distant areas with a variety of goods ranging from trivial items like pins to significant ones like buffaloes.

Main Events

The narrative follows the experiences of the narrator, a young boy, who visits the fair with his uncle and Bhaiya, a worker from their household. As they navigate through the bustling fair, the uncle encounters some friends and decides to spend time with them, leaving the narrator and Bhaiya to explore the fairgrounds on their own, with strict instructions not to buy anything or wander off too far.

Themes and Messages

The story subtly explores themes of innocence, trust, and the allure of gambling through the eyes of the narrator. It highlights the excitement and curiosity of a child at a fair, juxtaposed with the cautionary advice of adults. The title "A Game of Chance" suggests an underlying message about the unpredictable nature of luck and the risks associated with games of chance.


Though the text provided does not reveal the outcome of the narrator's adventure, it sets the stage for a tale of learning and experience. The vivid depiction of the fair and the anticipation of exploring it further encapsulates the essence of childhood wonder and the lessons learned through seemingly mundane adventures.