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The Fairy-Tale Detectives


Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf: A Fairy Tale Detective Story


"Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?" is a whimsical detective story set in a fairy tale universe, penned by Todd Wallinger. The narrative unfolds with Rumpelstiltskin, a fairy tale detective, and his sidekick, the Ugly Duckling, as they embark on a quest to solve a mystery involving two unlikely suspects: the Big Bad Wolf and Virginia Wolf.


  • Rumpelstiltskin: The main detective, characterized by his determination and quirky interrogation techniques.
  • Big Bad Wolf: Suspect #1, known for his history of blowing down houses, whose innocence or guilt is under scrutiny.
  • Virginia Wolf: Suspect #2, whose connection to the mystery adds depth to the investigation.
  • Ugly Duckling: Rumpelstiltskin's sidekick, adding a layer of humor and support to the detective's endeavors.

Plot Overview

The story begins with Rumpelstiltskin interrogating the Big Bad Wolf about his notorious past actions. Through witty dialogue and humorous exchanges, the narrative explores themes of truth, misconception, and the pursuit of justice in a fantastical setting. The interaction between the characters, coupled with the playful use of fairy tale elements, creates a light-hearted yet engaging storyline.


  • Justice and Misconception: The story playfully addresses the idea of jumping to conclusions based on past actions and reputations.
  • Humor in Investigation: The use of humor and wit throughout the interrogation process highlights the unconventional methods of fairy tale detective work.


"Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?" is a delightful twist on classic fairy tale narratives, blending detective fiction with the whimsical world of fairy tales. Through its engaging plot and charismatic characters, the story offers a fresh take on the themes of justice, truth, and the importance of looking beyond appearances.