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The Sourcebook of Magic


Magus Divlantia: A Comprehensive Guide to Magic


"Magus Divlantia" is an in-depth guide designed for individuals interested in exploring the realm of magic and spellcasting. This book covers a wide array of topics, from the foundational principles of magic to advanced spellcasting techniques, making it an essential resource for both novices and seasoned practitioners.

Content Breakdown

Introduction to Magic

  • Introduction to the concept, history, and basic principles of magic.
  • Foundation for the magical studies covered in subsequent sections.

The Arcanum Minoris

  • Structure of the Education: Methods and stages in magical education.
  • Ranks and Degrees: Hierarchies within the magical community.
  • Attribute Pre-requisites: Essential qualities for learning magic.
  • The Thirteen Colleges of Magic: Overview of different magical schools.
  • Non-Magical Skills: Complementary skills for spellcasters.

Spell Acquisition and Mana

  • Guidelines on acquiring and learning new spells.
  • Management of 'Mana' as a crucial resource.
  • Challenges such as 'Crystal Addiction' and 'Mana Dwindling.'

Spell Failure

  • Risks and consequences of unsuccessful spellcasting.
  • Safety measures and preventive practices.

The Work of a Spellcaster

  • Daily responsibilities, including maintaining a spellbook.
  • Insights into conducting spell research.

College Descriptions

  • Detailed information on various colleges of magic.
  • Specializations like Conjuration, Divination, Elementalism, etc.

Spell Descriptions

  • Extensive list and explanation of spells, categorized by magical discipline.

Notes on the Arcanum Majoris

  • Advanced magical concepts and practices.


"Magus Divlantia" serves as a comprehensive instructional guide and reference for anyone engaged in magical studies, blending theoretical knowledge with practical advice. It is a valuable resource for understanding and mastering the art of spellcasting.